The Education Committee (TEC) is guided by the Quran and Sunnah according to the methodology of the people of the Sunnah and Jama'ah. The Education Committee prepares the community through the teaching of vocational and Islamic education to succeed in this life and the hereafter inshaAllah.


  • Providing vocational courses and classes
  • Providing Islamic lectures and classes
  • Providing the community with workshops and seminars


Special Events - Guest Lectures, Conferences, Annual Events
Regular Programs - Weekly or Monthly Events

TEC Resources

TEC Bylaws
Meeting Planner
Sub-Committee Updates
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TEC Members

Name Position Phone
Ansari, Khalid Chairperson 919/434.4275
OPEN - Please contact Br. Khalid Ansari if you are interested. Vice Chairperson
Allam, Sister Afreen Secretary 919/293.0131
OPEN - Please contact Br. Khalid Ansari if you are interested. Financial Officer
Sheikh, Salman Vocational Education Officer 919/889.1546
Hussin, Altijani Islamic Education Officer 919/793.8671
Alminifi, Mohammed Public Relations Officer 919/673.4614
Abdul Lateef Member 919/605.5838
Arefin, Minhazul Member 919/889.7186
Khalifa, Ibraheem Member 919/649.8824
Mohamed, Abdirahman Member 919/672.5261
Mohammed, Aslam Member 919/392.8267
Osmana, Omer Member 919/851.3567
Rajak, Sister Shahmeem Member 919/522.8650
Sadiq, Sister Yasmin Member 919/622.5009