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Update for February 3, 2008

Alhamdolill-Allah we are at the end of our Construction for Phase II.

Since my last report on 1/20/08:
1. Sprinkler system sub did show up last week and completed their work. System is activated and as such we need to be careful not to touch any heads. It is waiting final inspection.
2. Plumbing work is complete and scheduled for final inspection on 2/4/07
3. Electrical work is nearing completion and then will need final inspection.
4. Roof: Parapet Fence has been completed.
5. Interior Doors, being installed.
6. The carpet arrived today and will be installed next week.
7. Audio System installation and testing is to be completed soon.

Fire alarm and final building inspection will come after all of the above are completed.

We thank Allah (SWT) and apologize for the delay. May Allah reward you for your patience and support.